Robert Valencia believes that a communicator must be abreast of media trends and today’s events. As a result, he hopes to continue to be a sought-after journalist and analyst in U.S. affairs, as well as Western Hemisphere issues, while incorporating new strategies for effective communication among Latinos and other audiences.

However, this can’t be achieved without a true democratization of media participation. A recent report shows an existing chasm of ethnic representation, where Latinos have fewer chances at joining mainstream TV shows, particularly Sunday morning shows. Consequently, Robert believes that if the story about communities of color –particularly Latinos– is being told by others, such narrative will always be incomplete.

Robert’s mission is to work with organizations, government agencies, media, and individuals alike in order to raise awareness about the importance of the Latino community in the U.S., while at the same time strengthening bonds among other ethnic groups. Furthermore, he wants to encourage Latinos to be abreast of Washington’s decisionmaking, while making their stories available and understandable to U.S. media and Spanish-speaking ones. Robert’s greatest goal is to become one of the leading Latino of his generation, as well as a thoughtful communicator and global policy analyst.